Soft-stretch Hood Superior to Spray Socks and Disposable Hoods for Spraying Chemicals Pest Control Fiberglass Repair Waste Removal, PPE for Primary head Protection, $1.96 Ea, 6 Per Pack

VitaFlex’s Soft-stretch Hood securely covers the entire head, face, and neck. It significantly improves worker’s safety, comfort, and job efficiency.

The Hooded Coverall Suits made of impermeable material are stiff and unbearably hot, so the wearer usually takes the hood off while working. It should not be the choice, unless there is concern of having a large volume of organic solvents, pressurized fluids, or blood that could shoot out and spray on the wearer’s head.

Nonwoven fabrics are the material for making surgical masks. Their micron openings structure provides a thin, yet dense “Breathable Barrier”. Our patented technology is to make regular nonwoven fabric soft and stretchy without adding latex or elastomers. The Soft-stretch Hood is an end-product made from the Latex-free Elastic Nonwoven Fabric.

VitaFlex’s Soft-stretch Hood has been replacing the conventional spray sock and balaclava in Powder Coating, Spray Painting, and Spray Foam Insulation. The spray sock and balaclava allow overspray or drips to penetrate through them due to the “Porous Knitted Structure”. Conversely, the triple-layer structure of Soft-stretch Hood effectively blocks powder, paint or foam overspray.

VitaFlex’s Soft-stretch Hood effectively shields against airborne particles, debris, glass fibers, soot, sparks, and liquid splashes. It has versatile uses in Welding, Grinding, Abrasive Blasting, Chemical Compounding, Fiberglass Molding, Power Washing, Drywall Plastering, Hay Gathering, Mowing, Recycling Transfer Center, Waste Removal, Food Processing, Livestock Handling in Farms, and many other Dirty Jobs.

The Soft-stretch Hood can be worn independently, over a mask, in conjunction with a respirator, or as a liner under a hardhat, helmet, or faceshield.

The Full-cover Hood provides maximum coverage, forms air-pocket around nose and mouth and a tight fit around wearer’s eyes.

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