What Do You Do With Those Pesky Fruit Flies?

They started stealing from me lately. And I there isn’t really much I can do about it in this case. I’m talking about those pesky fruit flies. They won’t leave my drinks alone.

Each evening I take time to unwind a bit. I’ll take a drink, and a book, out to my deck for an hour or so of relaxation.

Out there I read about some subject that I find interesting. Once in a while I set the book down, and watch what’s happening around me, or just listen to the sounds in the air.

I have a small flower garden across the front of my deck. In among those flowers hangs one of my hummingbird feeders. The flowers I plant in that garden have the kinds of colors that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

That’s on purpose, of course. I really enjoy watching those creatures flittering around.

The deck chair that I read from sits right behind the feeder, so when a hummingbird swoops in to grab a drink I can pause a moment from my reading to watch it. I’m always fascinated by how they hover – everything absolutely motionless except for their wings, which are a blur of movement.

But this story is about fruit flies.

They force me to take a close look at my drink every time I raise my glass. Seems they want to steal it from me.

And just about every time I go to take a sip I find them floating around in there. Just the other day I found three of them at one time.

Guess they’re not smart enough to know they’ll drown.

When you’re outside like that you can’t do much to get rid of fruit flies. At least not in a situation like what I experienced lately. Those little guys are everywhere.

The only time you find these gnats outdoors in a situation where you have a treatment option is when you find a cloud of them around a particular object. (This might be a discarded bit of fruit like an apple core, or more likely around a trash can.)

The best way to get rid of them in the case of the fruit is just pick it up, and toss it in a trash receptacle. The flies will follow it, but once it’s removed the gnats go away.

For the trash can situation you can only wait until your local removal service comes around to collect it. Hopefully you keep your trash can someplace where it doesn’t bother anybody to have those fruit flies swarming all around.

Inside your home is a different story.

You do have options for treating an infestation of these guys.

Fruit flies like to lay their eggs in fermenting organic materials. That means most any type of food stuff that lays around a while, and starts going bad. The fermenting stage is just before it begins to rot.

When you see a cloud of gnats inside it’s a clue that something starting to rot is very near.

The most effective treatment is to find whatever it is they’re attracted to, and get rid of it. Then clean the surface where it lay real good to make sure no juices remain. You’ll still see the gnats for a few hours after that, but they disappear rather quick once their breeding material goes away.

Chances are by the next day you won’t see more than one or two fruit flies flying around your house.


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