Are Blowflies Driving You Crazy?

You know it’s spring when – the blowflies start their annual dive-bombing activities.

Those things just drive me nuts when they start harassing me. There I am sitting at the computer, completely focused on an article or video, or relaxing on the deck with a cold beer or lemonade.

And suddenly out of nowhere comes this big black spot flying right at my eyes.

Blowflies Then as it gets closer you hear the buzzing, and just before the thing gets to you it turns away. And off it goes across the room, or yard.

It happens so fast that you’re startled almost to jumping out of the way so it don’t run into you, and you certainly don’t have time to swat at the pest.

Now the thing is out of sight so you settle back into whatever you were doing when the rude interruption happened. And suddenly here comes the blowfly again.

Don’t you just hate that?

Flies! They’re a part of our lives in the spring and summer. Hard to do anything about them too. You have pest control options to minimize the number of blowflies that come buzzing at you, but I never really found a way to get rid of them completely.

One of the most effective techniques for battling these pests comes in the way of yard maintenance.

A blowfly likes to lay eggs in those little piles your pet leaves around the yard. (Or in my case big piles. I have a 120 pound black lab.) Those eggs hatch, and you’ve got a whole cloud of blowflies buzzing around outside.

And of course some of them make it indoors. Where they evidently take great delight in making strafing runs at you and me.

Kind of nasty don’t you think? Considering where they hatch from.

So you help keep their numbers down if you perform frequent yard maintenance. Clean up after your pets, and the blowflies have fewer places to lay their eggs.

I clean my yard at least two times a week. And I do that all twelve months of the year (except when I’m away on vacation). Keeping a strict schedule of cleaning outdoors really helps.

You’ll still get a few of the pests flying around you home. You can’t make your neighbors clean their properties. And to clean up for them, even if you have the time, might get you in trouble for trespassing.

Luckily the blowfly is awkward and slow. Most times you can take them out with a flyswatter. Although if you have a bunch of them buzzing around you might wear your arm out doing that.

Another way to fight against invading blowflies is with fly strips. Hang them around your home. They’re treated with chemical that attracts the flies. Replace those strips as they start filling up with bug bodies. Doesn’t look attracted having the fly strips hanging around, but they do their job pretty good.

Some home maintenance helps too.

Make sure you have no gaps around the windows and doors. Replace any screens that have holes or tears in them. A little crack is to an insect what a wide open door is to us. They manage to crawl through the tiniest of openings.

Use these techniques to wage war on these dive-bombing bugs. Yes, you’ll still get a few blowflies trying to force you toward insanity. But you won’t have near as many as you’ll have by ignoring these pest control methods.


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