Crickets Chirping Away In Your Home?

Yesterday morning settling into my office chair the songs of chirping crickets  caught my attCricketention. I wasn’t aware of them right away because many times I enjoy listening to them chirp. Of course those times are when I’m sitting outside on my deck, or by the campfire beside the motor home at a campground somewhere.

After a few moments of their singing though I realized, “Hey, these guys are in my office.”

When I hear these insects chirp outside I find it relaxing. Sometimes their song helps me meditate, other times they urge me to sit peacefully thinking over the days events – or planning out what I’ll do tomorrow.

But when they’re inside the house it’s a different situation all together. My Lady is terribly frightened of the chirping bugs. I’ve never figured out why that is. After all a cricket can’t harm you in any way that I know of. They just hop around, and chirp.

She’s not that way with spiders. If she sees one of them, and she don’t want it hanging around, she just swats it with the nearest object handy. And she doesn’t think twice about it.

Every time she sees a cricket though she yells for me to come get rid of it. Strange, huh?

It is about the right time of year for crickets to start moving indoors. As the air grows cooler moving from summer into fall the insects start thinking about moving in with you because you make a nice warm place for them to stay.

They like that.

The problem is they move inside, and pretty soon you have those chirping sounds all through the house. They can get annoying after a while, and when you have a cricket invasion they often get very loud too.

They find some places to hide that you can’t get to easily also. They’ll get up inside the furniture through little gaps or tears in the cloth. They’ll squeeze themselves into a crack in the wall. And somehow even in those tight spots they still find room to rub their legs together, and do their chirping.

You don’t even always know where they are because that chirping seems to come from every direction at once. So you go looking in a direction where you think one of them is, and just as you get near it the darn bug will shut up. Then suddenly another one starts its chirping song all the way on the other side of the room.

Aggravating isn’t it?

You either resign yourself to living with their noise until they go into winter hibernation – or you learn what kind of treatment chemicals, and application techniques gets rid of them.

Or you could call in a professional pest control technician to deal with the problem for you. (That gets rather pricey though.)

In a case of these creatures the most effective treatment is a good suspensionCrickets Keel Over When They Die spray placed in strategic locations around the home. The insects crawl through the spray’s residue, pick up the poison on their legs, and ingest it when they clean themselves. Then they die fairly soon after that.

Leaves a mess of dead bodies around though.

Another way is putting out glue boards. Put them in the right places the bugs get caught on them, and you throw the glue board away – along with the collected bodies.

Of course you can just leave them alone if you enjoy their song.

The choice is all yours what you’ll do when you have crickets chirping away in your home.


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