How Do Mosquitoes Know The Time Of Day?

It’s like mosquitoes have little tiny watches to tell them what time of day it is. Did you ever notice that they show up right around a specific hour without fail? The Only Good Mosquito Is A Dead Mosquito

Over the years I saw that happening, but it never actually penetrated my attention barrier until just recently.

My mother came to visit for a few days. She lives in Arizona, and my siblings and I flew her back to Indiana to spend her birthday with her one remaining sister. Mom turns 80 next week, and her sister’s 93rd birthday is three days earlier.

They may not get many more opportunities to visit.

Anyway, I like to sit on my deck of an evening. It gives me a chance to wind down from my writing. That’s what I do most of my day now. I enjoy it, but it does tire the brain sometimes.

A couple evenings ago I went out to sit, relax for a while, and watch the hummingbirds visit the feeder that I keep in front of the deck. That was about four or so, and Mom came out to sit with me.

We talked for a couple hours without any problems. But right around six Mom started slapping at her ankles. I looked down and saw that the mosquitoes suddenly swarmed around her legs, and mine.

I’m so used to these insects that I just slap at them without thinking I guess. And they don’t normally bother me much anyway. Although this year it seems we have so many that I’m more bugged by them than usual.

And the threat of West Nile Virus tends to heighten my awareness, especially since we’ve had to West Nile related deaths in the state so far.

Mom noticed them in particular because, well, they just don’t have many of any kind of insect where she lives in Arizona. So when the mosquitoes showed up in swarms like they did she kind’ve went ankle slap crazy.

We’ve been in drought conditions this year. Rains came in over the past month, so the drought thing is easing off. But the hot weather made things especially convenient for the laying of mosquito eggs, and evidently the larvae thrived too.

When you have as many of these bugs as we do right now it’s tough to get away from them.

You can time your activities to their schedule I guess. All you need to do is get all your outdoor stuff done before six in the evening, and you’re probably pretty safe from a big number of mosquito bites.

You might put fans around the area where you’re doing your yard work. These insects are weak fliers, and don’t fly well against the air stream from a fan.

You can place smoke pots around, but then you have to breathe that stuff too, and it don’t smell real good.

One idea I heard recently (don’t know if it works as I haven’t checked it out yet) is put some vinegar in a bowl, and leave it sitting where the bugs are. I’m told that the vinegar attracts the insects, they land in it and can’t get back out. Stuck in the liquid they drown. If you try it let me know how it works with a comment below.

At any rate, Mom and I headed inside shortly after the mosquitoes attacked us at six. I have no idea how they know that hour of the evening is time for them to come out in clouds. Don’t really think they have little watches though.


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