Fleas Are Not Seasonal Pests

Normally when we talk about pests I tell you about how certain bugs or rodents mostly come around during particular times of the year. Most pests are seasonal that way. But those blood-sucking fleas live to plague us all 12 months of the year. Dog And Cat Flea

Although they are most active in summer they live comfortably year around in the nice warm inside environment that you provide them.

Once this insect establishes its family in your home you might have a tough job getting rid of it.

Often the first indication that you have a flea infestation is when you watch your dog or cat trying to scratch itself raw. The constant biting of this pest drives you pet insane.

And when the insect’s numbers on the pet grow large enough that scratching often does cause raw spots on the pet’s body – bleeding, ugly patches where the scratching pulled out the fur and ripped away the hide.

To help your pet heal you’ll need to apply flea shampoo in a bath (not usually a welcome task, most especially for a cat), a powder to the body, and probably a flea treatment of some sort.

And you must apply the treatment on a monthly basis, at least during the summer months when fleas are most abundant.

But there’s more to getting rid of this bug than merely using a flea treatment on a cat or a dog.

Fleas get into your home easily riding on your pets, on you, and on your guests who come to visit. These bugs make great hitchhikers. As you or your pets walk through the grass outside they jump onto you, and go where you go.

And once inside they don’t all stay on their ride. Yes, many do stay and live their lives on your pet because they get warmth, and food from the pet’s body. But when all those eggs start hatching little fleas the pet’s body gets crowded, and some of them must move to a new home.

Usually that new home is in your couch and carpet.

Ever start suddenly itching, go to scratch the itch, and feel a bump on your skin? You look down and see a little red welt where your itch is.

You might just have fleas in your furniture, and they’re biting you.

Ever walk across the carpet and get the feeling that something is crawling on you? You look down and find little black bugs all over your legs – and then you start dancing around slapping at them to knock them off.

And you fall down when you lose your balance bending over to slap at them that way. Or you almost fall down.

The bugs don’t care. They just jump away to attack you again from another angle.

To get rid of a big population you’ll require a vacuum cleaner. You must vacuum all your furniture. You must move all your furniture out of the room, and vacuum the carpet. And then (at minimum) you must apply some form of pesticide around your floor that not only gets the live insects, but hangs around long enough that it takes care of the hatch-lings.

Sometimes you won’t succeed without a pesticide shampoo of both the furniture and the carpets.

All that can be a lot of work if you don’t know how to take care of it, or it means a big bill from a pest control company.

But if you learn the proper treatment techniques for controlling and eliminating fleas you can do it much cheaper, and even relatively easy, all by yourself.

Well, you might need a friend’s help moving that furniture around to get at the fleas.


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