Flea Infestation Season Is At It’s Peak

All summer long the bugs that feed on your pets have babies, and grow their families. Fleas Bug Pets If you have indoor pets you might very well have a flea infestation in every room of your home where those pets spend a lot of time.

Have you ever felt something crawling up your leg, looked down, and didn’t see anything? Or maybe caught the movement of something small and black springing from your leg almost to fast to see? Sometimes when you feel something on your ankle or leg you look down, and you’re almost covered with little bugs. Go to slap at them and all of a sudden they’re jumping everywhere.

When the seasons change from summer into fall the population of fleas in our homes grow to the largest numbers of any other time of year. And your pets carry them all through your home, but your pets aren’t the only form of transportation for the little insects.

Fleas make great hitchhikers.

As your pet walks around outdoors getting exercise the fleas climb on for a ride, and a meal. They jump onto you for the same reasons when you walk about out there. The fleas are all over the grass. We, and our pets, carry them inside – where some of them jump off to make homes in our carpets, and furniture.

Many of them just stay on the pet because there’s plenty of warmth and food there.

Normally the first indication that you have a flea infestation in the home is when you walk around, and you find them all over you. You’ll find that most of the fleas gather where your pets like to lay most of the time. That can be a favorite spot on the floor, or on the furniture.

I have a miniature pinscher that likes to lay beside me on the couch as I watch television in the evenings. He also has a chair to himself with his own blanket. He likes to cover himself with the blanket when no one’s on the couch for him to cozy up next to.

So when I have a flea problem I find a lot of them on that chair, and the couch.

But I also have a black lab. I don’t allow her on the furniture. She weighs over 100-pounds, and she’s just too big to lay on the couch. No room for me.

The lab normally lays on the floor either next to me, or in front of me. So I get another “hot spot” of fleas right there in the carpet.

When fleas infest your home they’re tough to get rid of. So the best way to keep an infestation from happening is to start treating the pet early in the spring, and maintain that treatment through the fall. Sometimes you’ll need to treat all year if you have warm weather all twelve months. It gets cold in winter where I am, and I rarely have fleas during those months.

When these bugs become a real problem the treatment is a major job. You must remove all your furniture from a room when it’s carpeted. Vacuum both the furniture and the carpet. Then apply pesticides to carpet and furniture to make sure you get all of the insects. And you need to stay on watch for more bugs because those fleas laid eggs that will hatch after a couple days. The pesticides should take care of the hatchlings, but you’ll want to make sure.

The main thing about controlling fleas is keeping your pets treated during the months when fleas are active in your area, knowing how to identify an infestation situation and where the fleas gather, and learning how to properly apply pesticides to get rid of them.

Get those technicians and that knowledge in your do it yourself pest control arsenal, and you won’t have to suffer through a flea infestation for very long.


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