ROACH RIDDANCE gives you techniques for controlling any cockroach problems you might run into.

You’lGerman Cockroachl learn:

  • How do you best treat for roaches? The truth is that bug spray will not solve the problem!

  • The 1 species of cockroach you are likely to see in your home…but you should be aware of these others even though they are of much less concern.”

  • What conditions cockroaches “must have” to survive.

  • What method of treatment (when done right) virtually guarantees you kill the whole nest of cockroaches.

  • How much does a roach population threaten your family’s health?

  • How to set up an inspection process that takes you only 15 minutes to 20 minutes – once each month.

  • What chemicals to use, how much chemical, how to apply chemicals and where to get them. What you can expect to pay for chemicals.

  • Is the pest control technician REALLY giving you your money’s worth? You’ll know within 20 minutes of their service call.

  • And much, much more…

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