Cockroaches Make Unwelcome Guests

When we think of guests coming to visit most of the time our feeling is one of welcome – at least when that visit doesn’t last too long. But some guests we never want in our home, and among the most unwelcome of the visitors we German Cockroach sometimes get are the cockroaches.

Nobody wants to play host to those guys.

The problem is that every one of us makes some really nice living quarters ready for roaches. They really enjoy living in tropical like conditions. You know – those areas where there is lots of warmth, and plenty of moisture?

The first place you normally find a roach is under your kitchen sink. After all, what place in your home has more moisture than along those water pipes. And that area always has a lot of warm air for these insects too.

The thing is cockroaches aren’t all that easy to see. They’re a night creature, and most of them never come out in the daytime.

As a matter of fact the best time to inspect under the sink to see if you have roaches is late at night. If you leave the kitchen light off you can open the cabinet door under the sink, and quickly shine a flashlight at the pipes (these guys like to crawl along those pipes). If you have roaches they’ll go scurrying away from the light. You’ll see motion, and if you watch close, and long enough you’ll recognize a roach when it goes running.

What I just described is a condition you find when roaches first invade your home. It’s an early clue that you’re about to have a problem. Right after they move in they start laying eggs, and it don’t take long for them to start growing a large family.

Once they do start a family the next sight you see during an inspection is a bunch of roaches running around those pipes. You don’t even need to leave the kitchen light off for this inspection. By this time there are so many roaches that they have nowhere to run to get out of the light. They’ll crowd the whole space under the sink.

When the infestation reaches that stage you can start looking for roaches in the rest of your cabinets. They’ll be going after your food. They soon start new families in your kitchen appliances – especially around those constantly running refrigerator motors. Next they head for your laundry room, and the washer and dryer, where they find more heat.

It’s right around this time that you feel, and hear, that crunching under your feet when you go to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a drink of water. There are so many of them now that they cover your kitchen floor as they search for food during the nighttime.

That just sends shivers up and down your spine.

As the population grows they start exploring out into the other rooms of your home, looking for new places to live. Their numbers get so large in the kitchen that the younger roaches get crowded out so they have no choice but to venture into new spaces.

By this time you have such a big infestation of roaches that they’re bold enough to run around your home even in the day time.

And when you have that many roaches, you’ll have a big problem getting rid of them.

You can spray with insecticides, and kill the bugs you see. That doesn’t take care of the problem though.

The ones you see are only a small number of the ones you play host to. Most of these insects live inside your walls. And spray doesn’t touch those guys.

The best way to completely eliminate an infestation of cockroaches is to use baits that manufacturers develop specifically for roach infestation treatment. It takes a little time, but when you learn what kind of baits work best, and how to apply them, you can wipe that roach problem out.


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