Cockroaches Don’t Care What Season It Is

Normally when we think about what pest control techniques we need to start performing the first thing that comes to mind is, “What time of year is it?” After all, in spring the majority of insects start their annual invasion – and continue the onslaught all through the summer. In late summer and early fall the bees, wasps, and hornets show up in large numbers. And in late fall we start spotting those little calling cards that the mice and rats leave laying around everywhere they go. But cockroaches just don’t care what season we’re in.

Roaches, once they establish themselves inside your home, stay pretty much as long as they please. And they stay active all year long – in warm, hot, or cold weather. Doesn’t much matter to them.

Most cockroach species are tropical creatures. They like warm/hot, damp conditions. So they hang out in areas where the conditions stay that way.

And those conditions don’t have to be both warm and damp. If you have a roach infestation just look into the compressor compartment of your refrigerator. You’ll likely find them there. It’s always warm around that compressor, and sometimes it’s damp there too, but not always. When a fridge works properly it’s dry inside that space.

These insects also like to live under sinks where the pipes give them a good atmosphere of dampness. And the air under the sink is often plenty warm enough for them.

Laundry rooms are another preferred living space for roaches. They love the warmth of dryers and the humidity provided by washers.

They find a nice comfortable spot like one of the above, and then they go into the wall to build their nest, and start raising their babies. They like to build big families too, and they build those families fast. You won’t even have any idea they’re in the wall at first. They don’t make any noise, and they stay hidden from view, just going about their family raising business – all out of sight.

That is until the family gets too large for the space inside the wall. Then they overcrowd the nest, and the young cockroaches move out. And they go build a new nest to call their own.

More babies – more families, and real soon you have a roach infestation that requires a lot of work to get control of.

That’s when you start seeing them easily. Actually you won’t be able to miss them. At first, once this huge infestation starts, they only come out at night. Maybe your first indication that you have a roach problem is when you get up in the dark, and go to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Suddenly you feel something under your feet, and you hear the crunching sounds as you step down on those little bodies.

And you start hopping around trying to get away from whatever that is squishing all over the bottom of you foot.

Or maybe your first infestation alert is when you turn on the light, and hundreds of black things start running for cover.

Either way you have a problem. And it’s a problem that takes some work to fix. The longer roaches build their families, the longer it takes to get the population under control.

You can use do it yourself pest control techniques if you know how. First you need to learn how to inspect for roach infestations. Then you need to learn how to identify what type of roach infestation you have. And next you need to know how best to treat for that particular bug.

Sounds simple enough don’t it?

Well, it is pretty simple, and doesn’t take long for the inspection and treatment phase, once you learn the proper pest control techniques for controlling cockroaches.



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