How To Do It Yourself Pest Control

If you’re fed up with pests in your home — or getting tired of bugs dive-bombing your guests every time you have a cookout — you might find some information on this website helpful.

And if you’re sick and tired of mice and rats pitter pattering through the house late at night you might just find some useful information here too.

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Here’s why:

You’ll learn how you can get rid of pests. AND why you don’t have to pay big bucks to your local pest control company — if you don’t want to.

Those pest control company fees can grow so big they overwhelm you sometimes. The reason for that is you have different types of pests invading your home at different times of the year. And some that want to stay put all year round.

Pests Attack Seasonally – But Which Seasons

As I’m sure you realize, pest problems are seasonal. But not all pests attack us in the same season. Some invade our homes in winter, others in spring.

Most of the bugs start in on us in the spring, when the weather turns warm, and they come out of hibernation.

Flies are pretty much non-stop from spring through the fall.

Bees, wasps, and hornets spend the summer having babies – so they don’t usually become a problem until late summer, and through the fall.

Spiders hang around our homes all year long.

And mice and rats spend most of the warm months outdoors. But when that cold weather hits they make a mad dash inside your walls because you’re such a nice person that you keep the indoor spaces heated for them.

And since you’re so nice you also leave food lying everywhere for insects and rodents both.

And with a lot of those pests come disease, and huge treatment costs if you call in a professional to help you get rid of the problem.

That means threats to your bank account
and your family’s safety!

Pest Control companies charge anywhere from $77 for a “one-shot” (that’s a single visit to your house and they treat for only 1 type of pest)…to $377 – or more – for an annual package that includes specific pests and 4 visits a year.

You can be pest free all on your own, while protecting your family, and saving $77.00 to $377.00 at the same time.

You just need a little know-how

Learn how to identify the type of pest you have a problem with. Learn where they like to hide, and get an inspection process that’s quick and easy. Then find out what chemicals to use (if you need to use chemicals), and where to place them for the most effective treatment.

Spiders are with us all year long. Roaches?…well they have the ability to show up anywhere — anytime. It’s enough to drive you nuts trying to cope with pests sometimes. But you can learn how to place a barrier throughout your home that will keep the bugs and the rodents under control…

Learn how to doityourself and you’ll only pay $17 for chemicals…or less each time you need to treat for a bug or rodent. And even better – you’ll only spend 15 – 20 minutes a month! to do it!

It’s all in the special “how to do it” eBooks you’ll find on this website. You can find a list, and a short description, of the books by clicking on The Pest Control Ebooks Catalog. It lists my pest control how to books, and each one shows you a systematic process for controlling specific pests all by yourself.

My name is Joe Jackson and I wrote the BUG RIDDANCE series so that you’d have a way of keeping your home free of pests. These books also tell you how to protect your family from the pain and diseases that those pests bring into your lives. All without needing to pay the big bills that pest control companies charge.

I spent a couple years as a Pest Control Technician (certified by Purdue University for the state of Indiana), and I saw first-hand how simple these techniques are.

I inspected, and treated, every type of building you might think of. I know how to do it – and I want you to know how to do it too.

Including: family homes, Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis, Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, the world headquarters for Dow Chemical, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, bookstores…and more.

I inspected and treated for every nuisance pest you’ll find around your home. I know how to do it – and I want you to know how to do it too.

Each ebook talks to a specific category of pest, so you have all the knowledge you need to locate, identify, and treat for that type of pest. And everyone tells you what to do with the knowledge you get from the book.

You learn things like:


How to set up an inspection process that takes you only 15 minutes to 20 minutes – once each month.


What chemicals to use, how much chemical, how to apply chemicals, and where to get them. What you can expect to pay for chemicals.


Is the pest control technician REALLY giving you your money’s worth? You’ll know within 20 minutes of their service call.


And a whole bunch more…


The books teach you every little detail you need to know about the diseases from pests that threaten your family and how to protect your whole household from those diseases.


And the books are written in easy language to understand…

“I like it (the BUG RIDDANCE series), it explains a lot to a homeowner who cannot afford the expenses of professionals who may or may not know more than I do. Thanks to (the BUG RIDDANCE series) I know of more things to look for. It is informative and understandable.” Evie Wasson, Indianapolis, IN


All of this knowledge you get from the BUG RIDDANCE series – plus even more than this short article has room to tell you about – means that you’re going to save $77.00 to $377.00, and protect your family from pests at the same time.

In a moment I’ll tell you how to get this knowledge so you can protect your family and home.

But you might want to forget about do-it-yourself and hire a pro. So first let me ask you…

Do You Know What A Pest Control Technician Is  Supposed To Do When He Visits Your Home?

These books guide you through the process of inspection and treatment for the pests that are likely to show up in your home.

But you might not want to do it yourself. The inspection and treatment only takes 15 to 20 minutes, once a month. But you might be too busy to spare the time.

You might rather spend the extra time with your kids. Or maybe you want guarantees for your family’s safety. (Guarantees do come with professional service.)

If you decide you want a professional pest control company to do this job for you, the BUG RIDDANCE series lets you know that…

…There are specific steps that the technician must take when visiting your home. If he does not go through those steps you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Be sure you know just what that technician is supposed to be doing for you. Learn exactly how pest control technicians should inspect your home for each pest, and what their techniques for treating are.

Once you’ve learned each systematic process you’ll know:


Why the Pest Control Technician ABSOLUTELY MUST get on his knees for you.


Why having this systematic knowledge is worth more than money!


Spot the signs that tell whether the technician did his job right – even if you weren’t home during the service.


How to make sure the technician is not loading your home up with unnecessary pesticides.


Whether you are getting quality service or simply getting charged for a no-service visit.


The BUG RIDDANCE series of books details the technician’s inspection processes and tells you what chemicals and how much chemical she or he should use – and where the chemical is supposed to go.

The BUG RIDDANCE goal is to make your home safer for your family while saving you money.

And with each book that you buy, you get my no-risk promise…

Be Safe And Save Money With A Full 1 Year Guarantee

As I said earlier, pest control is a year-round process. Try the techniques detailed in each of your books for one full year. If you don’t think you can handle your bug and/or rodent problems at tremendous savings…or that the book(s) you buy don’t give you the ability to tell when the technician does not do her or his job – just send me an email and tell me you want a refund! I’ll give you your money back…no hassle whatsoever!

A full 12-month guarantee because I know you will find this pest control process a valuable weapon in your familyprotection arsenal…

You have my word on it…and if you do want a refund, you can keep the ebook as my thank you for giving me the opportunity to make your life a little richer – and your family a little safer.

Check Out The BUG RIDDANCE Series NOW…

Remember I said the systematic process that BUG RIDDANCE teaches you KEEPS a minimum of $77 – $377 in your pocket every time you have a pest problem.

This knowledge has the potential of saving you upwards of $377 in one year alone.

Consider what this information is going to do for you over the next 5 – 10 years. (Do you think this knowledge is worth a couple grand during that time?)

To get started saving, have a look at The Pest Control Ebooks Catalog, and select the pest control books you need to win the pest war you’re battling right now.

You’ll be glad you did.


                                                                                                              To your prosperity and safety,


                                                                                                                                              Joe Jackson


P.S. Stop needlessly losing money to the pest control companies. You have the power to keep your home free of insects and rodents…and protect your family from the diseases and pain they cause.

There’s nothing magic about pest control…and here’s a series of books that show you simple, systematic processes to show you why.

Save $77 – $377 (or more) every year – AND protect your family’s safety against diseases from insects and rodents!

Go to The Pest Control Ebooks Catalog, and grab your pest control techniques now. You’ll be protecting your bank account – and your family!