The Party

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3 Responses to The Party

  1. Razr Maxx says:

    Really unique version of the classic Spider-Man. I bought this DVD blind just because I wanted to see it and I’ve been getting into animation lately in my DVD collecting. Let me tell ya folks, this is a great series…for several reasons. 

  2. Robert D Wilson says:

    Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Series. ‘Nuff Said. This was the most perfect Spider-Man series of any yet made. Though it lacked the jazzy tunes of the original sixties series ;-), it far surpassed the convoluted mess that Marvel gave us in the early 90s. 

  3. A. Richards says:

    not really for kids The series is entertaining for adults, however, you may not want to buythis for kids. I bought it for my 9 yr old son. The story lines and animationare good… but… lots of sexual innuendo. And some curse words. Why thecursing is in there is beyond me. must be an MTV thing. but it ruinsthe show for broad viewing. The sexual implications are also unnecessary but added in to entice hormone-overdosed kids.

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