SY.XL Safe and Non Polluting Human Mouse Trap, Unique Design High Sensitivity

Matters needing attention:

When you use the first time to catch a mouse, the second mouse is not so easy to capture, please do not suspect that the trap. Mouse is actually a very cunning animal, it can smell the companion’s struggle, far from the trap.When you use again, please clean the trap, or you can buy a few more, to prevent sometimes urgent need.

Special instructions:

1.Camouflage:Before use, can be used newspapers, cartons, cartons to be disguised,let the mouse doesn’t know, and obediently was arrested

2.Trap:Before use, As long as the mousetrap reversed 180 degrees, give the food to the mouse eat a few day, the rat relax vigilance, and then the normal use, can easily capture

3.Skill:Mice weight is lighter, the bottle open a door, close a door, pedal sensitivity will increase,can easily capture it.

4.Clean:Similar products, to capture the mice after, accelerate the spread of bacteria. The whole enclosed design to prevent the spread of germs in rats

5.Humanity:After the capture of the mice, because of the internal air circulation and oxygen is scarce, mice die a natural death, no pain.

Processing mode:

1.Put the rat bottle upright, put the lid on, placed about 24 hours after the mice will natural death.

2.Put the trap left and right swing, until the mice dies.

3.The mouse trap placed in the sun for 30 minutes immediately died.

This Mouse Trap Dimension is 4.7”x4.7”x11.9”.

Not 100% sure anywhere can catch mice, when you don’t catch it, don’t doubt the product, please put in the another place again, check whether there is a camouflage, whether there is attractive bait.

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3 Responses to SY.XL Safe and Non Polluting Human Mouse Trap, Unique Design High Sensitivity

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    A good quality cage at bargain price! One night, I accidently saw a rat, the other day I got up early trying to kill that rat, only to find nothing from the hall to the corner in my warm house. So I decided to utilize this to terminate their lives. I was not thinking much of its effectiveness when I received it, cause from the look it is just a lightweight plastic trap ,but it is performing excessively well after put to use. Great Works.

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    I strongly recommend this great product I am always looking for lightweight and durable rat catcher tools. I feel excited when I found this with an economical price but high quality with humane nature. I have been using similar thing to eliminate cockroaches, traps, spray, powder, and other electronic device, but they all are eclipsed by this brilliant invention.

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Works great I truly recommend this century’s greatest invention- mouse trap. A humane trap, unlike other products, it won’t spread virus of rats. It is made of PPE , has a unique design and it can be used anywhere anytime.

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