Spinbrush For Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, Spiderman

With lots of fun handle designs, our kids brushes like my way!, spider-man, iron man, hulk, skateboard, butterfly, pikachu and wolverine have smaller power heads to fit smaller mouths, massage gums, and promote a lifetime of happy, healthy brushing.

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3 Responses to Spinbrush For Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, Spiderman

  1. Jennifer Wightman says:

    Cute Concept, Poor Quality I have bought 2 of the Spiderman Spinbrushes and both times I was very dissapointed with their performance. While they do encourage children to brush their teeth, the brushes do not last very long. The first one lasted about a month and then it died. I thought that perhaps it was just a fluke, but then when the second one died in the first few weeks I decided that it must be something more than that. Dissapointed in product and will be looking for an alternative for the next replacement.

  2. Tamer Abolghar says:

    Looks different in reality The product in the picture has nothing to do with what i have received.My kids choose this product because of the character and how unique the brush looks like.Yet the real products doesnt that that spiderman character or bottom head as shown in the picture.Dont buy it.

  3. K. J. Troyer says:

    Loved it! For a few weeks… When I ordered this, I expected it to last quite awhile! I understood that the toothbrush head wasn’t replaceable- no worries. But the battery died before the head did! So now my kids are stuck with a toothbrush that is about a pound without even having the motor function! Will *not* be ordering this again!

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