Plant Spray Bottle Water Chemical Pressure Sprayer Adjustable Nozzle Garden Tool Plastic Refillable Container Red Color

– Width: (Max.) 19 cm

– Length: (Max.) 29.5 cm

– Color: Red and White

– Weight: 195 g


– Simple design, easy to use, convenient to carry

– Good atomization, adjustable nozzle,can spray mist or straight line

– By adjusting the rotating brass nozzle,can control the size of droplets

– Loose nozzle can spay large water drops, tighten the nozzle can spray mist water

– Sprayer can be used to spray water or pesticides to plant or flowers in your garden

– Suitable for watering gardens, cleaning and pest control, automotive films, can also be used to clean furniture and glass, and ironing clothes

– It is a useful tool for home use

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