Naturaband Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – 7 Pack – All Natural Bug & Insect Control DEET-FREE.

STARTING TODAY: Win The Fight Against Insects. Now You Have The Best Weapon Literally In Your Hand!

Are you sick and tired of being eaten alive by mosquitoes?
Do you try to avoid all these harmful repelling sprays that apart from their stinky smell they are rather threatening for your health?
Now You Have The Solution: Raise Your Shield Against Mosquitoes With The Best Repelling Bracelets You Can Find!
These amazing pest repelling bracelets are enriched with natural oils, that you may love to smell, but mosquitoes hate!

This way, mosquitoes are effectively repelled from you, and try to find their next victim elsewhere.
With this amazing travel insect bracelet you can enjoy round protection wherever you are. Just adjust this microfiber bracelet to your wrist and it let it work its wonders!
Take The Best Care Of Your Children Without Spaying Them With Poison- Perfect For All The Family!
You really don’t want to see you little ones being attacked by insects and suffering from itching, right?
Offer the safest and most effective all natural mosquito repellent to your kids! Make sure that they are well protected against the enemies and the dangerous diseases that they spread.
Made of microfiber, soft material and as it is DEET-free, you have nothing to worry about. With these bracelets by Naturaband your children will enjoy the utmost quality they deserve.

This value pack includes 7 bracelets with adjustable size, which makes them perfect for anyone, no matter your wrist size!
Enjoy your outdoor activities, gardening, running, walking and travelling with unparalleled protection and convenience.

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