Indoor Powerful Plug-in Pest Repeller with Night Light – Eliminate All Types of Insects and Rodents

Amazingly Efficient Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Are you tired of dangerous insecticide chemicals in your home and pesky insect nets that never seem to work properly? Do you want a solution that is safe, eco-friendly and efficient? If so, our special ultrasonic Arudge Pest Repeller is the ideal solution for you!

Perfectly Safe and Hazard Free This product works by annoying pests with high ultrasonic frequencies that cause them to leave your space. These frequencies are too high for the human ear to hear and do absolutely no harm to humans and ordinary pets.

Important: Should not be used if your pets are small rodents or insects.

Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free

Insecticides are dangerous chemicals that are best to be avoided in the home. The ultrasonic Arudge Pest Repeller is durable, uses no chemicals and is an environment friendly solution. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed If for any reason our product is not a good fit for you, we give you a full refund. No questions asked. No strings attached. Take advantage of our amazing offer now and say goodbye to pesky pests!

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