iGear iGuard1.0 Model Number IG-G10-2015, One Unit, Product Type: Pest Repellent , Size: 7X9X1.9 inches and Unit Comes In White Color.

iGear iGuard Plug-in Ultrasonic Complete Pest Eliminator

✓ EXPEL PESTS FROM INSIDE YOUR WALLS – The deep penetrating 360-degree ultrasonic technology disturbs the nests of rodents and insects that are situated inside your home walls.

✓ ELIMINATE PESTS FROM YOUR HOME – iGuard Ultrasonic Repellent technology will send all rodents and insects searching for a peaceful area and will be forced to leave your home.

✓ 100% HUMANE & SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS – The iGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repellent is completely inaudible to people and to home pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and fish (It should however not be used around pet rodents). The iGuard Pest Repellent is the safest and most humane way to make your home pest free.

✓ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Try our product for 60 days RISK FREE, if within 60 days you have not achieved the Pest Repelling results you were looking for, we will refund every penny. No questions asked! Buy with No Risk!

Places For Using this Item:

✓ iGear iGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repellent is effective againsthouse mice, roaches, black beetle, mosquitos, spiders, fleas, flies, crickets, ants, wood ants, vermin and similar insects.

✓ To be used in food processing factories and even pharmaceutical factories where poison bait and pesticide are not allowed.

✓ To be used in the house, theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, hospitals, clothing, furniture shops and places where disturbed or polluted by mice or pests.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our iGear Brand to be Quality Premium Products. We Trust our Brand so Much, Therefore We Are Offering 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE And Lifetime Warranty!

So Be Sure to Click to Buy As We Cannot Guarantee This Special Pricing to Last. Limited Stocks Only, So Hurry!

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3 Responses to iGear iGuard1.0 Model Number IG-G10-2015, One Unit, Product Type: Pest Repellent , Size: 7X9X1.9 inches and Unit Comes In White Color.

  1. K9rotehexe says:

    Wonder creature guardian- it works! Length:: 0:28 Mins 

  2. Karen L. McConnell says:

    Proof is in the pictures! It Works! Highly impressed with thie iGear iGuard Pest Repellent Pest Control. Just like the iGuard2.0 Model I am still in complete shock that these devices work! The last time we tried them they just hurt the dogs ears! I reviewed both models at the same time, one in my attic/bonus room in the upstairs of my 2400sq foot home (the iguard 2.0 model) and this model the iGuard 1.0 Model in my garage – this time of year we seem to get TONS of mice, I even saw one on my front porch just basking in the sun like he didn’t have a care in the world that I was there. And don’t get…

  3. Michael Chu says:

    Plug it in and walk away not noticing it Hi, 

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