Griot’s Garage 10984 Spray-On Car Wash – 22 oz.

Griot’s has developed a process that will leave your car spotless, even if you have a heavy road film on your vehicle! Simply squirt on Spray-On Car Wash and gently wipe off to a deep shine. Spray-On Car Wash clings to the side panels of your vehicle and breaks up the road grime quickly. It also has great lubricity, wipes off easily, and buffs out to a fantastic shine. We strongly recommend using it with Griot’s specially developed Spray-On Car Wash Cloths. These cloths are incredibly soft and keep potentially harmful grit away from the paint surface.

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3 Responses to Griot’s Garage 10984 Spray-On Car Wash – 22 oz.

  1. MazdaRx8 says:

    Coming back for more I tested this out and I’m actually back on amazon to order more. Specifically, to get the 1 gallon refill. Its an awesome product that for some reason smells great. I have a 2011 White Honda fit and every wash makes it look brand new over and over again. I recommend it. 

  2. Mike says:

    Great and simple! Great stuff! I originally ordered the kit Griot’s Garage 11285 Spray-On Car Wash Kit. This stuff is really easy to use. Doesn’t scratch my paint…I use it on my 2011 Mini Cooper S. Probably comes out to be around $2-$3 per wash. Was a little hesitant at first since it doesn’t use any water….but works just fine! Good way to keep the car clean for a couple months before having a full on car wash. Highly recommended!

  3. Outta Control says:

    How easy is this I love this stuff. As long as the cars are not too dirty, this product does the trick. It is so much easier than dragging out the hose and bucket. In the middle of summer, you can use it right in the garage and not even break a sweat. It is a bit pricey but worth it to me. It takes a fourth of the time of a regular soap and water wash.

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