Complete Aquatics Pro-Foam Gun Kit with Pur Shooter Gun – Commercial Grade

The Complete Aquatics Pro-Foam Gun Kit with Pur Shooter Gun is a commercial-grade foam applicator kit. It comes with the Pur Shooter all-metal heavy-duty foam applicator gun, as well as three 32oz cans of PUR BLACK Professional Waterfall Foam and a carrying case. It comes with a can of Foam Gun Cleaner used to remove uncured foam both from surfaces and from the applicator gun itself for optimal performance. The PUR BLACK Professional Black Waterfall Foam by Todol Products is designed exclusively for the pond-building professional. This foam dries black, making it easy to camouflage. It works like concrete, yet never cracks. It is specifically made for the Professional Foam Gun (whether the Pur Shooter or Pageris ECO model). It bonds to seal and stop passage of air, gases, water, dust, sound, odors, pests, and radon. Full cure time for PUR BLACK is 1 hour, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With 2820 cubic inches of coverage, one 32oz can of PUR BLACK can coat 1200 linear feet at a 1/2″ bead. The application and performance temperatures are between 40-90 degrees F (4-32 degrees C). The Complete Aquatics Pur Shooter foam applicator gun made by Todol Products is a high-quality gun applicator that allows you to put every last bead of foam JUST where you want it. With an adjustment knob for bead size and for precise flow control, this heavy-duty stainless steel applicator means that foam isn’t wasted.

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