Carson DualView 3x Stand Loupe Magnifier with 12x Focusing Loupe (DV-30)

This patented DualView magnifier features two separate viewing planes for both high and low power magnification. Take full advantage of the device’s versatile design and view flat images or three-dimensional objects from a 3x pre-focused lens or from a 12x focusing magnifier intended for studying the extra fine details. A wide, transparent base permits ambient light to illuminate items for crystal-clear viewing, while its dual acrylic lenses yield a lightweight, yet durable magnifier. Its compact design fits easily into a desk drawer and is the perfect accessory for hobby or business projects. Pre-focused domed area: 2.5-Inch x 1.75-Inch; focusing viewing area: 1.25-Inch x 1.25-Inch. At Carson, we strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our magnifiers. We are so confident in our magnifiers that we back them with a Lifetime Limited Warranty! Carson will repair or replace your magnifier if it is found to have manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Please contact Carson for additional warranty details.

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3 Responses to Carson DualView 3x Stand Loupe Magnifier with 12x Focusing Loupe (DV-30)

  1. gva1018 says:

    good magnifier This magnifier is good, but not for what I originally needed it for, not as strong as i thought.But, it is definitely very sturdy and great for checking jewelry markings, etc….

  2. Amy Nicolai says:

    Great little tool for your desk Excellent tool for viewing coins! Now I can check my change for coins that might be worth more than face value, and also any other small item that these over-50 eyes can’t quite see well. The small focusing lens is quite powerful and will allow you to see the tiniest detail. Especially nice that no cords or batteries required – it works without any other power required! Well worth the very modest cost. I am planning to buy another one, and keep it at work.

  3. Sid V says:

    Nice but a light would be better Us baby boomers need this kind of stuff. We keep in on the kitchen desk and use it frequently.

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