Bug-Off Natural Flea and Tick Spray Prevention for Dogs

Bug-Off is the most trusted and proven all natural dog flea and tick repellent. Protects Your Dog from Flea’s, Ticks, Insects & Bites! The most complete blend of essential oils (peppermint, citronella, orange, lavender, tea-tee, & eucalyptus) with ginseng root extract to keep flea’s and eggs off your dog. Bug-Off leaves a wonderful scent and is suitable for indoor use and deep woods protection. Try Now – you’ll be happy you did.

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2 Responses to Bug-Off Natural Flea and Tick Spray Prevention for Dogs

  1. Helene says:

    Not Effective Unfortunately Sorry this didn’t work for me. I didn’t smell any of the ingredients and was ineffective. I live in the south where the fleas are impossible this year. I wanted the natural approach but the fleas were resistant to tho spray. I had high hopes but am trying conventional spot treatment which I just ordered. I don’t think anything natural will work in the south this year because the outbreak is the worst its been in years according to the news on TV and my experience. Perhaps it might work up north.

  2. SusieQMax says:

    Seems to be a great product! I haven’t used it long enough yet to give a true 100% thumbs up, and it’s not been warm enough for insects yet, but the ingredients are top notch. I have a lot of confidence in this product. I also ordered the shampoo. They smell wonderful too.

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