Ben’s 30 DEET Eco-Spray – 6 oz by Adventure Medical Kits

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3 Responses to Ben’s 30 DEET Eco-Spray – 6 oz by Adventure Medical Kits

  1. Nomad says:

    Really effective – even in Africa! I have used Ben’s 30% DEET repellent during 7 trips to Africa, including one stay in a bush camp for 6 months. It’s the best! I love that it’s not oily or sticky and is water based. BTW, research (and my experience) has shown that you need a concentration of 30% DEET for maximum effectiveness — less is not effective and more doesn’t give additional protection, so forget the 100% stuff.

  2. D. from Michigan says:

    Like Deep Woods Off, only smells better. Got a sample bottle from a friend. I’m hooked. Ordered 2 pump / 2 spray from Amazon 2 days later. 

  3. tab says:

    Not strong enough for wilderness hiking Still had nats swarming around my head! I use 100% deet on my boots, sox, and clothing. I was hoping the 30% solution would work on my skin and hair. I am still looking for the right spray. I have tried all natural remedies without success.Also emptied quickly.

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