Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.25) powered by Nitro Piston®

The Trail NP XL 725 features a handsome, checkered, hardwood stock. The stunning 30 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and shot velocities of up to 900 FPS make this magnum powered airgun the ultimate choice for successful small game hunting. Benjamin Nitro Piston powered break barrels produce 70% less noise than spring powered airguns, and with smooth cocking effort, less recoil and less noise, a successful day of hunting is within reach. One simple cocking motion and your follow-up shots are fast, quiet and easy. Each Benjamin Trail NP break barrel comes with a 3-9x40mm CenterPoint precision scope, featuring an adjustable objective and range estimating reticle. Trail NP air rifles feature a bull barrel, Picatinny mounting rail system, installed sling mounts and ventilated rubber recoil pad.

Nitro Piston

Product Specifications

Model Number: BT725WNP Pellet Velocity: Up to 725 fps Alloy Pellet Velocity: Up to 900 fps Weight: 8.5 lbs Length: 49 in Mechanism: Break Barrel Power Source: Nitro Piston Caliber: .25 Ammunition: Pellets Capacity: Single Shot Barrel: Rifled Steel Optics Rail: Picatinny Style Optics: 3-9×40 mm AO Safety: Lever Stock: Hardwood Variable Pump CO2 Break Barrel Pre-charged Pneumatic

Powerplant Benefits

Variable Pump CO2 Break Barrel Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) POWER SOURCE 3-10 strokes of an on-board lever to compress air 12-gram cartridge Spring or piston cocked by a lever (barrel) On-board high pressure reservoir FILLING METHOD None, self contained Insertion of CO2 cartridge None, self contained Use of high pressure tank or pump to fill on-board reservoir VELOCITY * Up to 700 fps Up to 780 fps Up to 1400 fps Up to 1100 fps NUMBER OF SHOTS Unlimited (must be pumped for each shot) 40 – 60, varies on rapidity of trigger pull Unlimited (must be cocked for each shot) 15 – 35 (varies with caliber) USES Target Shooting Plinking Pest Control Target Shooting Plinking Target Shooting Plinking Pest Control Small Game Hunting Target Shooting Plinking Pest Control Small Game Hunting Large Game Hunting EFFECTIVE RANGE ** 15 yards
Variable Pump - 15 yard range 20 yards
CO2 - 20 yard range 35 yards
Break Barrel - 35 yard range 60 yards
PCP - 60 yard range COST $40 – $200 ($ – $$) $80 – $130 ($ – $$) $100 – $300 ($ – $$$) $250 – $600 ($$ – $$$$) ADVANTAGES Velocity is variable based on number of strokes Convenient, accurate Self-contained, accurate Powerful, consistent, superbly accurate DISADVANTAGES Must be pumped up for every shot Performance can vary with temperature (70 degrees is optimum) Requires practice to shoot at highest accuracy External fill source required * Velocities based on alloy ammunition ** Accuracy is determined by ballistics and shooter ability Target Shooting Target Shooting Plinking Plinking Pest Control Pest Control Small Game Hunting Small Game Hunting Large Game Hunting Predator Hunting
Ammunition - BB Ammunition - .177 Pellet Ammunition - .22 Pellet Ammunition - .25 Pellet

Choosing a Caliber

BB .177 .22 .25 Material Copper coated steel Lead (lead-free consist of plastic and/or zinc) Lead (lead-free consist of plastic and/or zinc) Lead Weight (grains) 5.2 7.9 or 10.5 14.3 27.9 Energy (@ muzzle) 4 FPE @ 600 FPS 17.5 FPE @ 1000 FPS 20.3 FPE @ 800 FPS 42 FPE @ 825 FPS Shapes Spherical Wadcutter, domed, pointed, hollow point, destroyer Domed, hollow point, pointed, destroyer Domed, destroyer Uses Plinking Targets, plinking, pest control Targets, plinking, pest control, small game hunting Pest control, small & medium game hunting Advantages Less expensive than pellets Fast, flat trajectory ideal for targets Ideal for both targets and small game Hard hitting hunting round; conservative on air Disadvantages Ricochet if fired at a hard surface Weight limits hunting to pests, small game Not heavy enough for larger small game species, predators Limited shapes available
Nitro Piston Spring

Nitro Piston vs. Spring

Nitro Piston (Gas Piston) Coiled Spring Materials Common steel tubing Steel spring Advantages Easier to cock than coiled spring guns 70% less noise over the shot cycle than coiled spring guns Minimal recoil Not affected by weather May be left cocked 55% faster than coiled spring guns and 15% faster than simple gas pistons Disadvantages Noisy Significant recoil Affected by weather

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3 Responses to Benjamin Trail NP XL 725 Break Barrel Air Rifle (.25) powered by Nitro Piston®

  1. Anthony J. Lomenzo says:

    .25 caliber and the job is done … Until now, every one of my reviews has been for items I’ve purchased at Amazon or an Amazon vendor but in this case I utilized a gift certificate [and cash outlay difference] to purchase this excellent rifle at another internet sporting goods vendor. That said, I purchased the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP [** Nitro Piston] XL 725 .25 caliber air rifle [with scope] for three very distinct reasons: First, the present .25 caliber is the highest caliber one can purchase for an adult airgun and the…

  2. Mississippi Man says:

    Better with Age Purchased the .177 caliber a month ago. Really like the CenterPoint scope. Here are some issues I overcame. 

  3. Nick says:

    This thing transcends adult air weaponry. 06/02/12 UPDATE: I’m back, again, with another update. I have finally taken this out into the actual field and I am less impressed than I once was. Outside of my 50′ basement, this rifle loses accuracy tremendously. Now, please bear this in mind: I am within the 1000 shot break-in period. Yes, you read that correctly: 1000 shots. The manual says 100, but *everyone* else I’ve spoken to on airgun forums says it’s more like 1000. 

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