All Natural Bug Spray by Pest Shot – Child and Pet Safe – Organic and Natural Insect Repellent Kills & Wards Off All Types of Bugs – Eco-Friendly, Highly Effective – For Use Inside or Outdoors

Tough on Bugs, Safe for Kids!

Lines of ants marching through your kitchen or swarms of flies at your backyard picnic are as disgusting as they are annoying. Unfortunately, most repellants are dangerous to use indoors and leave your loved ones coughing from harsh fumes.

The all-natural bug spray from Pest Shot makes taking care of insects easy and harmless! We used human and pet-safe ingredients like Peppermint Oil and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to naturally kill and repel bugs without putting your family’s health at risk. The result is an organic blend that’s eco-friendly and fast acting.

Household pests like ants and spiders don’t stand a chance! Our potent formula packs a powerful punch, killing 100s of different bugs on contact. The best part? You can use it inside or outdoors to eliminate pests and repel future invaders. Simply spray your windows, deck and patio for bug-free fun anywhere!

Made in the USA to preserve Pest Shot’s high quality standards, the secret to our spray’s effectiveness lies within its formula. Natural ingredients make it environmentally safe, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever you need it. More importantly, it doesn’t contain any of the damaging chemicals found in most bug sprays.

Why Choose Our Bug Spray?

– Organic and eco-friendly – Safe to use around children and pets – Kills 100s of common pests – Effective inside or outdoors – Made in the USA

Try Today Risk-Free with Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

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